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Anurag Nursing Home (ANH) is one of the most trusted and sought after nursing homes of Navi Mumbai. It was established in 1993, as a small humble medical unit and over a period of three decades it has bloomed into a center which caters to a variety of specialties such as Maternity, Gynecology, Laparoscopic Surgery, Aesthetic surgery, Dentistry, Maxillo-facial / General Surgery & Neonatology.


Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Dr. Anu Vij - Obstetrician & Gynaecologist

Dr. Anu Vij

Dr. Anu Vij (MD; FICOG ; PGDHHM ; PGDMLS ) is one of the Senior Obstetricians & Gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. She has an experience of more than 30 years. She is well liked and respected by her patients as well as the medical fraternity for her professional competence and high ethical standards. Patients recommend her because she keeps herself updated with recent advances and technology and provides state of the art treatment to her patients at very competitive and economical rates. Her empathetic, caring bedside manner is valued by all in her care. Dr. Anu Vij values time with her patients, ensuring they are comfortable and well informed. Dr. Anu Vij is one of the brightest minds and one of the best Obstetricians & Gynaecologists in Navi Mumbai. In her career, she has performed complex GYN surgeries and many high risk complicated pregnant women have been delivered by her.

She is a strong advocate for normal vaginal deliveries and performs caesareans only on very strong and compelling reasons. Uterus preserving treatment modalities is another area which she strongly supports. Preventive gynaecology is her area of expertise, whether in the field of oncology or menopause.

Dr. Anu Vij’s work experience and professional training have been extensive both in India and abroad. She did her MBBS and postgraduation (M.D.) from GSVM, KNP - INDIA.… Read More

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Our Team

Gynecology and Obstetrics is a surgical-medical speciality that encompases the health of the female reproductive organs and their function. The department is run by efficient personnel and medical specialists who are well qualified and experienced in dealing with a wide range of health conditions affecting young girls and women in their middle and later years. Based on international standards of evidence-based clinical protocols, Anurag Nursing Home provides medical and surgical treatments for a variety of gynecological issues including menstrual irregularities, infertility, prolapsed uterus, fibroids, and other tumours of the uterus and ovaries. Our OB/GYN specialists have a successful track record of handling various types of emergency and high-risk pregnancies.

Dr.Ruchi Mohan Bajaj

Associate Obstetrics Gynaecologist

MBBS from Dr. D. Y. Patil Medical College, Nerul, Navi Mumbai. Passed in January 2003.

Dr. Shankar H. Ughadmathe


Highly motivated and experienced in the field of Anesthesiology since March 1983.



Aid patients, improve overall treatment process by utilizing new improved medical processes.

Dr. Shikha Patoria

MD-Paediatrics, DCH

MBBS from GSMC, Mumbai - Jan 1990. In Clinical Practice Since 1996.

Plan Table

Clinical care offered to a woman during her pregnancy with the aim of ensuring an optimal maternal outcome.


It means health education and promotion before planning a pregnancy with the goal of risk assessment, and intervention before pregnancy to reduce the chances of poor perinatal outcomes.

The aim of preconception counselling is to ensure that the woman is as healthy as possible before conception to promote her health and the health of her future children.Read More

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Ante Natal Care

It means clinical care offered to a woman during her pregnancy with the aim of ensuring an optimal maternal outcome.Read More

  • Regular Antenatal visits, minimum one visit in T1, monthly visits till 30 weeks, every 2 weekly till 36 weeks and weekly visits till delivery
  • Blood investigations for Hb, Blood grouping and Rh Typing
  • VDRL, RBS, and Urine R & ME
  • A repeat Hb and Urine Sugar to be done in third trimester
  • Immunisation with 2 doses of Td / TT
  • At least one Ultrasound for congenital anomalies should be done before 20 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Delivery by a doctor or a trained birth attendant
  • Education on nutrition, diet and hygiene
  • Education in breast feeding and
  • Birth spacing and-contraception methods
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Your partner will be offered her first ultrasound scan at 11-13 weeks of pregnancy. This scan:

  • checks that your baby is growing in the right place – that is, inside the womb
  • checks that your baby is developing as expected
  • shows how many babies are present
  • helps health professionals work out your baby’s age and estimated due date
  • is part of the check on the chance of your baby having a condition like Down syndrome.

If everything is OK, this scan is likely to be one of the most amazing moments of your life. It’s when you see your baby for the first time. You’ll hear baby’s heartbeat and might even see some hand-waving or acrobatics.Read More

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It’s important to take care of your baby, even before he or she is born. You can do this by living a healthy lifestyle and keeping doctor’s appointments while you’re pregnant. This is called prenatal care. You’re more likely to have a healthy birth if you maintain a healthy pregnancy.

After your first visit, you will have a prenatal visit every 4 weeks. In months 7 and 8, you will have a visit every 2 weeks. In your last month of pregnancy, the visits will occur weekly until you deliver your baby. At each visit, the doctor will check your weight and blood pressure and test your urine. The doctor will listen to your baby’s heartbeat and measure the height of your uterus after the 20th week. You should always discuss any issues or concerns you have with your doctor.

Click here for Guidelines to follow during your pregnancy.

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Pregnancy is the term used to describe the period in which a fetus develops inside a woman's womb or uterus. Pregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks, or just over 9 months, as measured from the last menstrual period to delivery. Health care providers refer to three segments of pregnancy, called trimesters. The major events in each trimester are described below.

  • First Trimester (0 to 13 Weeks)
  • Second Trimester (14 to 26 Weeks)
  • Third Trimester (27 to 40 Weeks)

To know more in detailClick here

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Breast Feeding : benefits both baby and mom

BREAST MILK IS THE BEST MILK . The best time to start breastfeed is immediately after the delivery, if possible before the umbilical cord is cut . Breastfeeding has health benefits for both babies and mothers. Breast milk provides a baby with ideal nutrition and supports growth and development. Breastfeeding can also help protect baby and mom against certain illnesses and diseases. Breast milk is the best source of nutrition for most babies. It is a balanced diet for the baby . As the baby grows, the mother’s breast milk will change to meet her baby’s nutritional needs.

Breastfeeding can help protect babies against some short- and long-term illnesses and diseases. Breastfed babies have a lower risk of asthma, obesity, type 1 diabetes, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). They have fewer ear infections, especially those that damage hearing , fewer episodes of bacterial meningitis. They have better vision and less retinopathy of prematurity . They have lesser incidence of diarrhea, constipation, gastroenteritis, gastroesophageal reflux, and preterm necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC). Fewer colds and respiratory illnesses like pneumonia, respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) and whooping cough are seen . Breast milk shares antibodies from the mother with her baby. These antibodies help babies develop a strong immune system and protect them from illnesses.

Breastfeeding has health benefits for the mother too! Breastfeeding can reduce the mother’s risk of breast and ovarian cancer, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Promotes faster weight loss after birth, burning about 500 extra calories a day to build and maintain a milk supply. Stimulates the uterus to contract and return to normal size; also results in less postpartum bleeding. Breast feeding moms have fewer urinary tract infections, less chance of anemia, less risk of postpartum depression and more positive mood. Breast feeding moms have lesser incidence of osteoporosis during their post menopausal years. Good for emotional status of the mother. Breastfeeding produces the naturally soothing hormones oxytocin and prolactin that promote stress reduction and positive feelings in the nursing mother. It instills increased confidence and self-esteem, increased calmness.

Breastfed babies cry less overall, and have fewer incidences of childhood illness. Breastfeeding can support the wellness of body, mind, and spirit for the whole family. Breastfeeding makes travel easier. Breast milk is always clean and the right temperature. Physical/emotional bonding between mother and child is increased. Breastfeeding promotes more skin-to-skin contact, more holding and stroking. Many feel that affectionate bonding during the first years of life help reduce social and behavioral problems in both children and adults. Breastfeeding mothers learn to read their infant’s cues and babies learn to trust caregivers. This helps shape the infant’s early behavior.

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